Writing an Effective College Application Essay

How to write an effective college application essay. Writing a college application essay that will impress the admissions board.

Writing Your College Application Essay

The college application essay is a letter written to the college admission board by a student wanting to apply to a certain college. It should be included with your college application when applying. The college essay gives those on the admission board a little bit of an idea who you are.

The essay should be written by you and should come from your heart. This is the part of the college application process is that is personal and not just routine filling out of forms. This is your opportunity to tell the admission board who you are and what you are about. Things they can’t see from just looking at your grades and your Extra Curricular activities.

While you are writing about your self do be mindful of who is going to be reading your letter. Keep in mind that they read hundreds of these essays so you need yours to stand out amongst the other essays they are reading. While the essay should be about you and it should be from your heart it should also have a continual focus. In other words don’t start paragraphs about several different things; give your self a central focus and stick to that. Be sure to write your essay in the first person.

Perhaps keep your letter on the subject of what you plan on majoring in. Show that you have a healthy curiosity to learn more about that subject. Tell why you enjoy the subject, and a possibly share as sweetly but in as few words as possible an experience in your life that led you to become interested in this subject; or discuss how the desire and interest came on gradually.

Don’t tell a story that makes you look like the home town hero is one situation like when you made the winning catch to win the biggest football game of the year. Sure it was a great experience for you and friends and family will love to hear about that one moment that was amazing for you. Sharing one singular wonderful experience does not really tell anyone who you are. It is better to talk about what got you to the point of your big victory, how you worked hard, how you achieved your goals.

While you are writing from the heart be sure to leave out words that you might use when talking to your friends, such as the over use of the word “like.” Keep the writing, personal, with a touch of fun but for the most part professional. Also write about things that are meaningful to you and you are passionate about. Remember if your essay bores you it will probably bore the admission comity as well.

Don’t use over complicated words. Don’t use big impressive words in your essay that you had to look up in a dictionary or thesaurus. If you wouldn’t use a word while speaking don’t use It in your essay.

Proofread your work and have someone else proof read it as well. We tend not to catch our own errors sometimes.

How to Assemble the Essay

Start your essay out with an introduction of your subject. Example: I first became interested in art on my second day of art class when I was in 7th grade.

Then site what exactly about that day or event inspired you.

Then go in to examples of things or instances that further inspired you, site a something that can looked up by the comity or something a teacher did that inspired you and why it inspired you. Bring up someone in that field that you admire or who your inspiration is and why.

Example: When I read James Patterson’s Beach Road I was shocked by the turn of events of the story and I just thought it was amazing how Patterson twisted the story, I thought it was brilliant and made me want to be an author so much more because I wanted to be able to shock my readers that way.

Then move in to what you have personally done to focus in on your interest. Some experiences you have had while perusing your interests.

Close the essay with what you would further like to accomplish in the subject as you go forward with your studies or in your future career.

You may need to write your essay out first just rambling about saying all you want to say and then go through and edit it out and clean it up and shorten it up removing any unnecessary details or information.

So in summary keep the essay heartfelt yet professional as far as your language goes. Keep the language simple, don’t use words or write in a manner you would not speak in or use. Show your passion for your given subject by expressing what made it appeal to you, what continues to make appeal to you sighting examples, and how you hope to continue with the subject while you are in college and after.


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