How to Get a 4.0 GPA in College

Here is how to get a perfect 4.0 GPA (grade point average) without stressing too much.

Most often, common advice tends to make the same superficial points about how to succeed in school: study tediously and don't procrastinate. The truth is that a few small secrets exist that can take the pain and inefficiency out of the matter. Many students get involved in school activities, join study groups and clubs, fuel discussion through the whole class period, and generally give their life up to academia. Here is how you can be a relatively normal person and obtain an A in every class without undertaking the stress of a lifetime.

1.) Use Cramming to Your Advantage

Cramming is universally frowned upon as an academic blunder; however, cramming can be used productively. Instead of choosing to either study consistently or cram twenty chapters in one day before the test, try a little of both. You don't have to study every day, but you should always read each chapter or assignment once. Cram for one whole day before a test but get at least 7 hours of sleep.

2.) Use the Three Day Memory Trick

Reviewing material everyday will eat up your time and reviewing just before a test can be unreliable. Your brain needs to be reminded of details after three days. Review the outline of your course and the most important ideas once every three days to maximize time and memory.

3.) Be Annoying to the Right People

Because you are paying for college, get your money's worth and ask tons of questions. This may stir up awkward formalities and annoy people, but its worth it. Information is gold. Make counseling appointments and make sure you are only taking what you need for the entire ride. Outside of class, squeeze any bit of information you may need out of your professors, fellow students, and faculty. Everyone has insights and is willing to share. Continuously acting aimlessly on any confused ideas you have will bring you down.

4.) Make Your Goal Clear and Accept it

Your goal is to get a 4.0 GPA, not 3.9 or 3.5. This means you have to turn in every assignment, even if you are forced to do it during class or submit a black piece of paper for 1 out of 20 points. The only planning you have to do is keeping track of points. If the course has a total of 1000 points, count on getting 990. Ensure 910 at the very least and keep track of every point you lose. Do every extra credit assignment and get every easy point. If working is cutting into your time, accept a slightly smaller sleep schedule, don't waste time, and try less work hours.

5.) Know Your Professors and what is Expected

Learn how they grade and deliver only the requirements. Some professors want you to go above and beyond and others don't. If the professor is a point Nazi, you should be too. If you are wronged, make it right and get the grade you deserve. Learn from where you lost points and know what makes your teacher happy.

6.) Only Work Hard When You Should

Overall, when times get rough, fight it to the end. You can always come home and sleep after the exam. The reward from each consecutive A and good comment will fuel you exponentially. If you don't make the effort to enjoy, you won't do well. Learn to be rewarded for your hard work and feel comfortable that you did it all the easy way!


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