Getting Into the College of Your Choice - How to Use Your Talents To Get Accepted

Getting in to the college of your choice. What to do to get colleges to notice if you are exceptionally talented at something.

When applying for a college of your choice you will want to give your self every advantage for getting your application recognized and to get accepted.  If you have a certain talent that is exceptional you could use that to your advantage to get your application noticed and to get the school more interested in you.  To do this you want to capture the attention of certain faculty members to help you get accepted in to the college. It is best to contact these people directly while you are applying rather than trying to sell your talents to the admission board. Of course you should mention all the things you have been involved in your application but if you feel your special talent could give you a better opportunity to get accepted or you would like to be recruited for a certain sport then here is what you should do.


When you apply to a college obviously you are not going to be recruited on to a sports team right away, unless of course you were scouted. You need to get the attention of the coach of the sport you are hoping to get in to in that college. What you should do is contact the school and get the email address of the athletic department. Then send them off an email telling them what sport you are in and ask them what would they like you to send to them for them to consider you for that sport. They will then let you know what they need. They will likely have you fill out forms, send in your grades and may request a video of you actively doing your sport. So be sure to have someone take a video or maybe two of you playing your sport. I recommend doing more than one just in case the 1st one wasn’t your best. The coach of that sport will then communicate with the admissions board about you. Be aware though even if you are the best athlete in the world if your grades are not up to par then you may still not get accepted, but having a coach on your side can certainly help.

Singers, Dancers, Actors, and Musicians

If you are a musician, singer, or performer you should certainly list your performances and awards on your admissions applications but if you want to go that extra mile and get noticed in the performing arts department you should contact them directly by email. Tell them what your talent is and if they would like for you to send them a video of you performing or perhaps come to the school to perform for them. When I was in high school I was in the swing choir there were a few other members from our swing choir and the senior choir who wanted to attend a certain college.

Our music teacher contacted the college on our behalf and the music department there invited those of us who were interested to come and perform for them. They provided a certain date for all of us to come and one by one we performed solo performances for them. If they are really impressed and like what they see members of the department will then of course go and put in a good word for you with admissions board. A benefit of letting them see what you can do is that they might be so impressed with you that they offer you a scholarship. That is what happened to me, but I was the only one out of the 12 of us that performed that day that got the offer, so there is no guarantee of that. Ask your high school band, music, or acting teacher if they would be willing to help you and other students do a showcase for a college that a few of you may be interested in attending. They may or may not be willing but it is worth a try. If they don’t want to do that ask them if they can call the department on your behalf and praise your talent. Have them ask if they can possibly set up a meeting for you to perform for someone in the music department or if you should just send a video?

Obviously if you are not the first or second chair of your instrument in the band or you are not one of the best singers in your choir or if you have only been chosen to perform small parts in your school plays you should not put your teacher in that position. Your involvement and your commitment to the choir, the band, or your play acting will be duly noted and recognized by the admissions board if you know you are not one of the best from your school in that area then just let that be enough.

If you are exceptionally talented and everyone tells you so then your teacher will very likely be proud and happy to contact the college on your behalf. If not then contact the music department of the college on your own behalf and see what they would like you to send or if you can come and perform for them on your own. You should do this during your Junior year, if you are already a Senior do this as soon as possible.

If the music department likes what they see and think you will be an asset to their music or performing arts programs they will send a not to the admissions office and they will flag your application having a flag on your application will make yours stand out a bit more. This is not a guarantee but can certainly help the admission board look at your application favorably. If they allow you to send in a tape perform for them send them a thank you note and ask them that if they like what they saw to please pass along a note to the admissions office.

Artists and Photographers

You should contact the art department of the desired college. Tell them you are applying to the college and would like showcase your work to them and ask if you can send them a copy of your portfolio for them to look at and if they like what they see to pass a note to the admissions board.

If you are a photographer and applying to more than one school then be sure to make or have extra copies made of your work and create a few portfolios to send to the colleges. If you are an artist be sure to take excellent photos of your best work and combine them to create a portfolio. Perhaps have your high school teacher help you choose the work you will use and help you put your book together. A good caring teacher will be happy to do that. If they are not such a good caring teacher ask for opinions from other students in the class whose work you respect. In other words don’t just go by your own opinion, sometimes we are overly critical with our own work or sometimes we feel a special connection to something we have done that others may not see.

Writers and Organizers

If your high school claim to fame were the articles written for your school paper, or if you were the head person on your yearbook staff just be sure to list that on your college application. List on your application any awards or special attention that your articles received. This will be noted when they go over your application. Do not send examples of your in with your application. What you should do in this case is have the faculty member in charge of the year book or newspaper write a glowing recommendation letter on your behalf. The admission board has many applications to get through, they don’t have time to go through single examples of good work. If you have won awards or your high school teacher praises your potential or both these things should be good enough.


Certain departments in colleges want talanted individuals in their programs so getting those in charge of those departments interested in you can really help get your application moved up to the top.  There are of course no guarantees, but take any advantages you can get when it comes to getting accepted at the school of your choice.

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