10 School Fund Raising Ideas

Most schools engage in some form of fund raising at some point in the school year, and many times it is up to the school parents committee (PTA) to think up original and profitable ideas for raising money. Here are some of the school fund raising projects we have undertaken at our school; they may be useful to you. The principle of most of these projects is buy cheap and sell for a profit, either to the school parents or to friends and family. Just as important is to promote your event or activity before hand, the best ways we found were by e-mail, fliers and announcements in assembly.

1. Swap Meet.

Hold a swap meet at school or in a place where the public can also attend, perhaps the school car park or a nearby community hall. The kids bring items from home that they no longer want and people are invited to come and swap their own unwanted items. The profit comes from every swap costing a Dollar alternatively you could charge an entrance fee.

2. Sponsored something.

Choose an activity; it could be reading, walking, collecting paper for recycling or swimming laps. Give the kids a sponsor form which explains the event and asks the reader to pledge an amount of money for every page read, mile walked, bag of rubbish collected, lap swam etc. The kids go to friends and family and ask for pledges, and then you hold the event or get the kids to do their task and afterwards return to their sponsors and collect the cash.

3. School Car Wash.

Set up a car wash in the school parking lot, and hand out fliers to friends and family announcing that on such and such a day the pupils will be washing cars for $X to raise money. Set up an attractive "car wash" and have the kids wash cars and collect the money.

4. Sell a special food at school.

Choose a day when a special food will be sold to the pupils at recess. For example donuts, pizza or pretzels. Find a supplier who can sell you the food for cheap and then sell it at a profit. You have to choose a food that is not ordinarily offered at school. You can make your job even easier and get the teachers to collect the money in advance and give you a list of which kids have "ordered" the food item. Then you simply deliver the required amount of food to each class room.

5. Sell flowers.

Many families buy flowers for the weekend. Find a nursery which will sell you simple bunches of flowers for cheap. Send home fliers with the kids and on the chosen day – Friday works best - have the kids and a few parents stand at the school gates selling bunches of flowers at a profit.

6. Raffle.

Hold a lucky draw or raffle. First find shops and individuals who will donate prizes, usually one expensive prize is enough to sell tickets but the more prizes, even small ones, the better. A bicycle, computer screen, coffee and cake at a local café or games and toys. Then announce to the kids and have them sell the raffle tickets. Then have a school assembly where the lucky ticket numbers are drawn.

7. Carnival.

Hold a school carnival where most of the activities are either created by the kids or donated. Kids can run booths where you have to fish using a magnet; knock tin cans over with balls; throw a basket ball threw a hoop etc. Have a jumping castle, arts and crafts activities, and a variety of foods (popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, candy floss and sweets). You can charge an entrance price or individually for each activity. Plus of course you profit on the money they pay to participate in the activities. You can buy small prizes for those who "win" at each booth. The more you get donated, or at a discounted price the more profit you make.

8. Bottles for recycling.

If you get money deposits back on soda cans and bottles in your country then have the kids collect bottles for recycling. This is good for the environment and will raise some more cash for your school. Have pupils go from class to class each day collecting all the bottles kids have brought in. Then get one helpful mom to cart them off to the supermarket for the refund.

9. Bake sale.

The most well known school fund raising activity is the bake sale. Moms (and Dads) bake cakes and the cakes are sold off, mostly to other parents. The baking parents should donate their efforts for free so that the profit is %100.

10. Cinema tickets.

If you go to your local cinema and buy out a show, buying all the tickets in the movie theatre, you will get a discount. Then sell off the tickets to pupils and their families at a profit. Not only will this be a good school fund raising activity but the evening or matinee will be great fun as the whole movie theatre will be friends and fellow school mates. You may find other establishments willing to do this, for example a bowling ally or mini golf.

The added bonus with all of these activities is that it teaches kids that organizational skills, how to work as a group, the value of money and how to be entrepreneurs.

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